Yo! my names Mia & Here rest's a girl who's life was taken over by people such as Dylan O'brien, Teen Wolf, Magcon, Boys, a whole lot of random nonsense,5SOS, Fashion, and Sterek. Enjoy.




Everyone reblog this can’t this is perfect

Out of these 454k notes how many of them waited for the number to reach to zero?

you know how scared i was when it was almost zero

it’s 2014 get that fucking slur out of your username you think anyone wants to see that shit

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Finally 😭😍

That series is life omfg

yes omg

The movie is gonna be so amazing 😍 Brb gonna go cry cuz Dylan O’Brien


I read And have every single one except The Killl Order because my mom is procrastinating on getting it for me!! 😣😣😭😭

5sos when their bae is cold

  • Ashton : *Makes her tea*
  • Luke : *cuddles with her*
  • Michael : *Gives her his jacket*
  • Calum : "Dammit woman i can't control the weather"


*planet explodes* *removes one earbud* what

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fun fact about me: when i was a freshman in high school, for the whole year i planned an april fools joke on my homophobic dad and i was gonna tell him that i was a lesbian and i had a girlfriend. by the time april fools day rolled around, i was really a lesbian and i had a girlfriend

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  • Good pick up line: Nice shirt, I love that band.
  • Better pick up line: Nice shirt, I'm in that band.